North Design Works is experienced in design for Medical Devices. Contributions often include conceptual work and design-for-manufacture - latter generally for Injection Moulding & Conventional CNC Milling & Turning. Confidentiality is paramount for all our work.

Testimonial from Croívalve

One of our clients, Croívalve, is developing a Best-In-Class minimally invasive solution for severe Tricuspid Regurgitation. During 2021 North Design Works had the opportunity to contribute to the project.

North Design Works took on the task of optimising, and in some cases fully redesigning, components for the manufacture of a transcatheter heart valve delivery system. The system required both injection moulded and CNC machined components. The job was completed in a swift manner within the project's ambitious timelines, and great detail was paid so as not to compromise the required functionality of the system. It was very easy to communicate our design inputs and requirements for the project with North Design Works, and they were very transparent on progress made over the course of the project. Involving North Design Works to optimise the system design for manufacture was overall a cost saving for our company, as the designer improved geometries allowing for multi-component moulds. We look forward to involving North Design Works in future designing for manufacture projects.’

Aoife Mulligan, Senior R&D Engineer, Croívalve

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