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After a 10 year career in Safety & Survival Design / Test / Manufacture in a Global ISO9001 environment, Jonny Patty (BEng Mechanical Engineering QUB) incorporated the business in 2010 to develop an entrepreneurial project. The entrepreneurial project didn't work out, but by late 2010, Jonny was providing consultancy to all manner of clients including General Industry, Academic Research and Technology sectors to name but a few. The wide range of clients re-invigorated a passion for learning & professional development - Jonny decided to transition the business into a Design Consultancy during 2010, helping clients achieve their goal. North Design Works was born, the name donated from the street in South Belfast where Jonny lived at the time, but importantly emphasising a neutral stance to the Irish political situation and reflecting Jonny's liberal, inclusive views. North Design Works is an unashamedly small business with a high output... this is by design to keep standards high - all work is handled by Jonny, so clients can rest assured that their project has a designer with 20+years industrial experience.


Highlights so far include contributions to Heart Surgery Medical Devices, Tech-sector Products showcased at CES, contributions to HBO's Game of Thrones (Sons of the Harpy Mask), and of course designing & building the Studio.


Message from Jonny

Big thanks to all our clients throughout 2020, who have all been a pleasure to deal with. 2020 has been a challenging year for many, yet North Design Works has been well placed to cope during this time. Client work during 2020 remains strong and my clients saw minimal impact to design output during the pandemic. Indeed, most saw improvements due to the obvious need to move toward greater design autonomy. A significant chunk of our work during 2019 was for a Galway based medical devices company, pioneering a new heart surgery product. The fact this highly technical work was handled remotely, galvanised the businesses' ability for true remote working. The legacy of 2020's lockdown has been improved efficiency and learning to finely balance autonomy Vs checking-in with clients. In better times I will of course be available for more close quarters collaborative on-site work - but for now, on-site is limited to situations where social distancing permits within government guidelines. Special thanks to our international clients during this time for placing a lot of faith in me during this challenging year.

- Jonny, Founder & Designer at North Design Works, Autumn 2020

Jonny Patty / Designer & Founder, North Design Works Ltd.

Serving all manner of clients across many sectors


North Design Works welcomes new enquiries and at initial consultation will provide guidance on how best to take your project forward.

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