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North Design Works is a design studio established in 2010.  Work here involves a wide range of design, spanning industrial mechanical engineering design and into aesthetic form - with a smattering of everything else in between.  Some portfolio work here.

Specialising in Advanced SOLIDWORKS Techniques

Core design work includes design for precision engineering, fabrication, castings, injection mouldings, glass-fibre, joinery etc.  Not being a manufacturer, North Design Works is unbiased when it comes to process choices, ensuring that clients always get the best, most cost effective approach. 

Specialising in SOLIDWORKS, North Design Works also holds seats for AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS Visualize and Affinity    

Whilst core activities centre on formal skills in industrial design & manufacture, ancillary knowledge of other more diverse software enables synergy on projects which sit just outside the world of industrial design.  As a result, the studio takes on some wide-ranging projects involving for example; built-environment, public art, film prop & costume work, to name but a few.   So if your project is a little "out there" do get in touch - diverse projects are very welcome.

Manufacturing Experience & Costs at the Heart...

The studio is owned & operated by Jonny Patty, a mechanical engineer with 20+ yrs professional experience, a graduate of QUB (Russell Group) and someone with a lifelong passion for design and engineering.  Prior to founding North Design Works, Jonny primarily worked in marine safety and survival industry, gaining valuable industry experience in an ISO9001 volume manufacturing environment, across multiple global sites.  Detailed knowledge of cost driven design changes, legislation, configuration control, quality systems, purchasing, supplier negotiation and production engineering were all useful additions to the core job of safety critical design work during this time - All skills which translate well to best practice for North Design Work's clients today.  Jonny also brings useful experience of practical skills from his younger days (There were a few years of late nights of rudimentary MIG fabrication & capstan lathe turning which paid for the essentials during uni, A-Level & GCSE days!).

Intellectual Property

Our clients rest assured that Intellectual Property is diligently respected within the consultancy.  With Jonny previously involved in design registration and patents for household names such as GM, the studio has valuable IP experience for clients who might need a steer in the right direction. 

Portfolio images on the website are all North Design Works' client project work with client permission sought prior to use.  Most of our project work remains strictly confidential.


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